Ultrasonic Antifouling System

An ultrasonic antifouling system uses a microprocessor control unit in combination with ultrasonic transducers that are mounted in the fuselage (no flow fitting). The number of required converters can vary depending on the size of the hull . If the transducers are activated by the control unit, the vibration transducer create a micro-thin layer of micro air bubbles and a fast-moving water, creating a "cavitation", which makes it so difficult for fouling organisms to sit tight . This system protects your body automatically and without toxic chemicals that may be relevant to the marine environment harmful or dangerous . A hull, clean and free of microorganisms, of barnacles and other shellfish, it allows you to get the maximum speed . An ultrasonic antifouling system allows you a large amount of fuel to sparen.Ein dirty hull consumes about 20% more fuel, especially with motorboats . A hull free of barnacles and other marine life has a much lower resistance to a dirty hull . Also all seacocks, the propeller and bow thruster, flaps, speed sensor and sonar and other basic elements of the boat be kept clean . An ultrasonic antifouling system helps the pollution caused by traditional antifouling that contain hazardous substances are still high and are harmful to marine organisms and for the whole habitat to prevent . The cost of the lifts will be much lower because you do not have to protect every year your yacht . 

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