Annual overall service of boats and yachts

We offer complete service for your yacht.

It's just a lot more fun to board a clean ship.

With professional yacht management:


     We remove rain water from


     We check the moorings

     We check boat fenders

     We wash the deck of your yacht

Motor/ Generator  

     Engine oil level check

     Seawater filter clean

     Check V-belt tension

     Diesel and coolant hose

     connections Check

     Operating lever, check idle

     forward / reverse

     Check water valve for leaks and



Engine warm up once a month (the manufacturer)

Check for leaks and damage

      Connections mixer taps

      Fresh water pump

      Filter Fresh water pump clean

      Boiler Check connections

      Functional check valves, hull

      fittings (corrosion)

      Check bilge pumps

      Coarse filter drain clean

      Check battery connections

      (damage, corrosion)

      Check dynamo charger function

      Cotter at terminals and stays check

      ropes check for chafing

Steering system:

      damage / function test

      Steering wheel for corrosion


      Quadrant test

      Check push rod

In heavy storms, we will check your yacht daily as needed.

Of course, after each check you will receive an e-mail with pictures and a report on the statet of your yacht.

Just enjoy your time at sea! Let us take of worrying about your boat!

We are on-site all year and provide personalized services on land and water. I take reliable care of your boat in your absence, even over long periods of time.

We offer this service to you on the Mediterranean coast of L'Escala (SP) to Gruissan (F).


We'll be glad to prepare a custom quote for whatever service you need.